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POD host port normalization
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Authored by unterstein on May 24 2017, 11:17 AM.



pod normalization w/ refactorings:

  • introduce NormalizationException; change SerializationFailedExceptions thrown by normalization to use it
  • centralize network name normalization in NetworkNormalization
  • refactor pod normalization from PodResources to PodNormalization
  • fix redundant normalization invocation in PodResources
  • allow empty hostPort for endpoints when host or bridge networking is used and normalize it to 0
  • revert changes to PortsMatcher
  • added unit tests

Depends: D801

Test Plan

sbt test

Diff Detail

rMARATHON marathon
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You can create a DC/OS with your patched Marathon by creating a new pull
request with the following changes in buildinfo.json:

"url": "https://downloads.mesosphere.io/marathon/snapshots/marathon-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT-572-g58bfb57.tgz",
"sha1"" "3bacd07512b4b124570c7a2c944a939a309e3afa"

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